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It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way. As Christ-followers we are uniquely designed and called to fulfill an incredible purpose.

Hope Made Strong equips leaders with mental health resources to build resilience and provide hope and strength for themselves and the church.

Life can be messy and we can find ourselves struggling with our mental health, but this doesn’t change God’s love or purpose for us.

By combining scripturally-based strategies that align with proven results in the mental health industry, your leadership will receive relevant tools and actionable resources here.

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Common Table Collaborative

Common Table Collaborative

Stewarding connections among friends who are called to clergy and congregational well-being.

We know that many people and institutions work every day toward caring for clergy and congregations. We also know that they often don’t know about others dedicated to this task. Our goals are to break down silos, increase collaboration, and build friendships among partners committed to caring for and fostering Christian life together.

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Val Hastings Coaching4todaysleaders

Val Hastings

Dr. J. Val Hastings, MCC, is the Founder and President of Coaching4Today’sLeaders and Coaching4Clergy. Val hired his first coach while he was pastoring at a local United Methodist church. His progress was noticeable by all, and he began to wonder, “What if I adopted a coaching approach to leadership?” In that moment, a vision began to emerge—a global vision of Every Leader a Coach.

Dr. Hastings is the author of numerous books and has developed four coach training programs which are accredited and approved to the highest level by the International Coach Federation. These trainings are offered globally and are offered in many languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Korean. Graduates of these programs have received all three coaching credentials: ACC, PCC and MCC.

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Founded by author and Master Coach, Dr. J. Val Hastings, Coaching4Clergy has grown to become a global training company for equipping those called and charged with guiding their congregants in their spiritual journeys. Honed by years of experience, Coaching4Clergy equips pastors with the understanding and skills to be an effective leader, and to compensate for the missing skills they were unaware they would need.

Coaching4Clergy offers 136 ICF-ACTP coach training hours that can lead to the ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials if desired. In addition to leading their congregations with new excellence and effectiveness, many graduates choose to develop their own coaching practices.

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Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd

Flourishing Wellbeing University

Training Every Coach to Become a Master Coach Providing Master Level Coach Training, Mentor Coaching, and Coaching.

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Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

Flourish Center For Wellbeing

At the Flourish Center for Wellbeing we are committed to promoting and supporting whole person growth and wellness. We connect one on one, with groups and train to equip leaders.

As a team, our unique personal backgrounds, professional training and expertise provides effective support and resources on a range of topics. Integrating the best principles and practices based on cutting edge science and Biblical faith.

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Dr. Sharon May

Safe Haven Relationship Center

We are a unique relationship center offering 2 to 4 day intensives for couples in crisis, as well as individuals looking for personal growth.  We want to be a resource in each season of your life, so you can:  

  • heal your broken and disconnected marriage  
  • prepare for a great marriage
  • process life’s struggles and discover the best version of you 

​At the Safe Haven Relationship Center, it is our aim to give you hope and provide meaningful ways to help you grow as a person so you can love well in your marriage and family as well as live a good and purposeful life.

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Office of Community and Church Relations

Biola University’s Office of Community and Church Relations (OCCR) exists to lead a university-wide strategy to equip and partner with churches and parachurch organizations by providing biblically-based content, ministry training, networking opportunities, and helpful resources in order to strengthen their missional effectiveness, increase their engagement with the university and grow their impact on the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Biola Counseling Center

Serving Biola University
College is a time of growth, change, and transition and both college and graduate school can be incredibly stressful. The Biola Counseling Center wants to ensure that students at Biola University feel well-supported as they strive to attain higher education and find their places as productive members of their communities.


Rosemead School of Psychology is a top psychology school for Christians who want to integrate their faith with their field. Here, you’ll learn from respected professors who are committed to the integration of psychology and theology — bringing together the scientific, research-driven study of human behavior with biblical perspectives on human flourishing. In the process, you’ll be equipped with knowledge and skills for professional roles in clinical psychology, therapy, counseling, teaching and research.


Ready with the Word.
Reliant on the Spirit.
At Talbot School of Theology, be trained and transformed to follow Christ’s calling on your life.