Emotional Intelligence
changes everything

Transform your clients’ lives and earn 40 ICF coach training hours.

This training will help you coach your clients by focusing on the core principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Other-Awareness, and Relationship Management. Equip them to better understand their emotions and positively manage their thoughts and responses to raise their EQ.

Why You Should Attend

Google recently found that its top employees possess a specific skillset that sets them apart: empathy, emotional intelligence, and emotional safety. These “soft skills” have become the basis for what companies desire most in their leaders. People with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) have stronger relationships, reduce team stress, and improve job satisfaction for those they manage.

This training will help you coach people in a way that promotes the development and implementation of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). You’ll learn how to:

Improve self-awareness

Positively manage emotions
Become more resilient
Increase promotion potential
Have healthier relationships
Strengthen empathy
Improve communication skills
Overcome challenges and defuse conflict
Enhance social skills

Hear From Our Instructors

Hear from our instructors about how this training can help you earn 40 ICF Coach Training Hours and learn how to transform your clients’ lives. Register here.
Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd

Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd


Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd is a published author, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation, and a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Mashable, Focus on the Family, The Christian Post, and Fox News and Friends. She serves as the Founder and President of Flourish Wellbeing University where she provides coaching, coach training, and mentor coaching to help people live the flourishing life.

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber

Ph.D., PCC

Dr. Catherine Hart Weber is a psychotherapist, spiritual director and life coach who leads groups, intensives and Flourish retreats. She has also taught at Life Pacific University, Azusa Pacific University and Fuller Seminary, as well as authored several books and articles on Human Flourishing.

Dr. Hart Weber received a PhD and master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology, as well as a master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. She is a PCC ICF-Certified Life Coach.

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Earn 40 ICF Coach Training Hours

Pursue an ICF credential for your profession by earning training hours toward your ICF-accredited training program and preparing to partner with clients through a thought-provoking and creative process.

Program Schedule

Session 1: Overview of Emotional Intelligence

  • Introductions
  • God’s desire for our Emotional Relational Spiritual Maturity
  • EQ and Spiritual Formation
  • The Coaching Process Model
  • The PCC Markers
  • ICF Core Competencies

Session 2: Coaching for Self-Awareness

  • Overview of the components of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Neurology and Physical Pathway for Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding an Amygdala Hijack
  • Discuss The Emotional Intelligence Appraisal
  • What Makes Coaching the Person so Powerful?
  • Reflective Inquiry
  • T.H.I.N.K.S Coaching Model

Session 3: Coaching for Self-Management

  • Understanding Self-Awareness
  • Learn the Intensity of Feelings Chart
  • Triggers and Emotional High jackings
  • Self-Awareness Exercise

Session 4: Coaching for Social Awareness

  • Understanding Self-Management
  • Understanding the 4 skills of Emotional Intelligence
  • Review Self-Management Exercise
  • Focus: Coaching the Person, Not the Problem

Session 5: Coaching for Relationship Management

  • Understanding Social Awareness
  • Social Awareness Strategies
  • Listening to your client’s stories
  • Active Replay: Playing Back the Pivotal Pieces for Review

Session 6: Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

  • Understanding Relationship Management
  • Social Awareness Strategies
  • Becoming a Safe, Secure, Non-Anxious Presence
  • Healthy Boundaries and Assertiveness
  • Coach as Change Agent
  • Brain Hacking: Finding the Treasures in the Box

Session 7: ICF Core Competency: Evokes Awareness

  • Relationship Management Strategies
  • Discuss the 7 Ways to Raise Your EQ
  • Raise Your (LQ) Likability Quotient
  • Receive (Don’t Just Listen)

Session 8: 7 Ways to Raise Your EQ

  • Learn ways to improve your mental, emotional and spiritual resilience
  • Holy Habits and Practices for Whole Brain Wellbeing
  • Coach as Change Agent


EQ Coach Training was a great investment of both my time and my money. The workload was vigorous, but very manageable. The combination of content and practices was balanced. The professors were knowledgeable, experienced, and strong in their delivery of both content and feedback. My favorite part of the course was getting to observe a variety of coaching styles in real time sessions. For those interested in coaching or in EQ training, I encourage you to take this course.
– Selden Dee Kelley III

Dr. Catherine and Dr. Sylvia were both fantastic teachers for the Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Training! I loved their welcoming and transparent demeanors. They shared little bits of their own practices and journeys where it was helpful to hear examples, which made them all the more relatable. They also were vulnerable with examples of their own struggles where it was helpful to the participants. For teachers with their experience and credentials, I found that very humanizing and encouraging to where I’m at as a newer coach.
– Evangella Stavros


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Earn 40 ICF Coach Training Hours and
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