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Looking to make a real difference in the world of ministry? Become a certified coach with Flourishing in Ministry, the premier coach certification program for spiritual formation and well-being of ministry leaders. Our world-class faculty instructors and unique training focus on coaching ministry leaders to reach their full potential, fostering deep community and meaningful connections. With highly experiential training that includes coaching skill practice, demos, live sessions, and mentor coaching, our program is designed to elevate your coaching skills to new heights. What’s more, Flourishing in Ministry is an ICF-certified trainer, providing research-based core coaching competencies and everything you need to prepare for ICF certification.

Join our cohort, based on over 10 years of scientific research with over 20,000 ministry leaders, and experience the transformational power of Flourishing in Ministry.


1/8/2024 – 4/29/2024

Make it on time

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm PST

No. of Contact Hours

85 Hours

Why You Should Attend

More than 100 people have gone through our Cohort Training so far.
World-class faculty instructors
Unique training focused on coaching the spiritual formation and wellbeing of ministry leaders
Experience deep community with other ministry leaders through our cohort experience
Highly experiential training including coaching skill practice, coaching demos, live coaching sessions, group coaching, mentor coaching, and individual coaching.
Training is based on over 10 years of scientific research with over 15,000 ministry leaders
FiM is an ICF-certified trainer, and includes ICF research-based core coaching competencies
Training includes everything needed to prepare participants for ICF certification
Group and other discounts available


  • ○ 10 years of full-time ministry leadership experience (or equivalent)
  • ○ Masters Degree (or equivalent) in Theology, Ministry, Christian Counseling or relevant field


  • ○ 20


  • ○ English

Delivery Method

  • ○ Zoom / Canvas

Hear What Others Are Saying

The FIM certificate program was excellent. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from a wide range of experts in their fields along with the opportunity to practice coaching with classmates. Most impactful for me was getting to learn in depth about ministry specific challenges and ways to coach those in this area. This course helped bring together my specific area of work and the work of helping those in ministry to thrive. I now have begun coaching pastors and am finding it to be deeply meaningful, and would recommend this program to those who want to better understand the unique challenges of ministry.

– Melissa Burns, M.S., LMFT

Program Schedule

Session 1: Flourishing in Ministry Coaching Overview: What Coaching is and What It’s Not.

Instructor: Dr. Chris Adams

  • Learn about the four, research-based, interrelated dimensions of Flourishing in Ministry: Daily Wellbeing, Resilience, Thriving, and Authenticity
  • Reflect on a holistic, theological, and spiritual formation framework, and integrate theological reflections with applied, positive psychology research.

Session 2: Theology and Science of Wellbeing: Coaching for Wellbeing.

Instructors: Dr. Chris Adams, Dr. Matt Bloom, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Learn about the nature and impact of chronic, ministry-related stress.
  • Learn about nature and causes of the prevalent physical and mental health challenges that clergy face.
  • Learn how to craft a rhythm of practices that can boost their daily wellbeing and reach their own goals.
Daily Wellbeing

Session 3: Overview of Daily Wellbeing: Coaching for Client’s Desired Outcomes

Instructors: Dr. Chris Adams, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Articulate how to establish and maintain agreements in a live coaching session
  • Assess the different coaching models

Session 4: Motivational Interviewing in Coaching: Creating Client Awareness for Growth

Instructor: Dr. Jody Wilkinson, ACC

  • Understand and apply the relational and communication skills needed to establish “the coaching presence.”
  • Define and apply the processes, principles, and skills of motivational interviewing.
  • Develop practical skills in the application of motivational interviewing to coaching through “hands-on” activities.
Daily Wellbeing

Session 5: Healthy and Well Helping Clients Identify Factors that Impact their Health and Wellness

Instructor: Dr. Jody Wilkinson, ACC

  • Understand and reflect on the importance of healthy lifestyles in promoting the health of clients.
  • Apply practical information, assessment, and coaching to support clients in setting goals and creating a change plan for making lifestyle changes related to physical activity, nutrition, and weight management.
  • Reflect on one’s own state of health and lifestyle practices with the goal of exploring areas for personal change.
Daily Wellbeing

Session 6: Coaching for Digital Wellness: Maintain Presence

Instructor: Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Learn how to maintain presence with your clients
  • Explore how to coach families in navigating technology use in our digital age
  • Learn the 7 Steps to Practicing Digital Wellness
Daily Wellbeing

Session 7: Spiritual Formation Coaching: Listening Actively

Instructor: Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, ACC

  • Develop skill to listen actively in a live coaching session
  • Assess the different coaching exercises for clients.
  • Identify how to notice client themes, emotions, energy shifts, what they are saying
Daily Wellbeing

Session 8: Establishing a Rule of Life: Invitation for the Client to Move Forward

Instructor: Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, ACC

  • Practice how to facilitate client growth in a live coaching session
  • Demonstrate how to maintain presence in a live coaching session
  • Explain the importance of demonstrating curiosity during the coaching process
Daily Wellbeing

Session 9: Facilitating Group Coaching

Instructor: Dr. Val Hastings, MCC

Group Coaching Session

  • Demonstrate how to maintain presence in a live coaching session
  • Learn group coaching basics
  • Experience how to facilitate group coaching in a live coaching session

Session 10: Coaching Ministry Leaders for Emotional Intelligence

Instructor: Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Explore the core competencies of Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.
  • Learn the areas of Emotional Intelligence where you are doing well, and where you would like to improve.
  • Participants will learn about the importance of developing emotional intelligence competencies in preventing burnout and promoting resilience.
  • Participants will discuss personal goals and practices that will boost their EQ and resilience.

Session 11: DIVERSITY, TRAUMA & URBAN MINISTRY: Coaching for Resilience and Post Traumatic Growth

Instructors: Dr. Sam Girguis, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Participants will learn about the nature and causes of ministry burnout.
  • Define resilience, meaning making, and posttraumatic growth (PTG)
  • Identify experiences of resilience, meaning making, and PTG in their own narratives.
  • Create coaching exercises that highlight resilience, meaning making and PTG.
  • Learn when to refer a client to therapy.

Session 12: Coaching for Healthy Relationships: Facilitating Clients Growth

Instructors: Dr. Sharon May, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Learn how to structure a coaching session
  • Understanding Attachment Theory: What connects us in love and marriage
  • Understanding a Couples Conflict: What is at the heart of marriage arguments
  • Relationship Coaching: How to coach a couple to foster a safe haven marriage
  • Learn about how to prevent isolation in ministry leadership.
  • Identify the ‘on stage, backstage, and off stage’ types of relationships that all pastors need in order to flourish in ministry.

Session 13: Overview of Authenticity: Coaching for a Positive Pastoral Identity

Instructors: Dr. Chris Adams, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Learn the key components of developing and sustaining a positive pastoral identity.
  • Learn about how to cope with role complexity in ministry leadership.
  • Reflect on job crafting practices that can boost their authenticity in their role.

Session 14: ICF Credentialing Exam Preparation

Instructors: Dr. Chris Adams, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Review all ICF Core Competencies
  • Prepare for the Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam
  • Learn the basics for building a flourishing coaching practice

Session 15: Getting Started as a Coach: Building and Establishing a Flourishing Coaching Practice

Instructor: Dr. Val Hastings, MCC

  • Demonstrate how to evoke awareness in a live coaching session
  • Increase confidence in basics of strong financial stewardship
  • Confidently locate additional resources from reputable/quality sources
  • Addressed mental battles related to money which might have emerged from occupational position and/or training

Session 16: Emotionally Healthy Leadership

Instructors: Dr. Pete Scazzero, Paul Kuzma, Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, MCC

  • Identify Emotionally Unhealthy Leadership
  • Communicate the Inner Life and Outer Life elements of an Emotionally Healthy Leader
  • Confidently locate additional resources from reputable/quality sources
  • Assess Self and Others in Emotionally Healthy Leadership


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